The Pupil Council

A big thank you to all the students who put themselves forward and have been accepted as members of the pupil council for 2015/16. Pupils  will represent the views of their school mates and put forward the opinions of S1 through to S6 when it comes to the way Inverclyde Academy runs.

Pupil Councils 2015/16







Minimum of 3 meetings for these councils:
• S1 and S2
• S3 and S4
• S5 and S6
At the first meeting of each of these councils 3 pupils will be nominated to attend Whole School Council Meetings for term one. These will be called if/when needed to address whole school issues.

Pupil Council Members should also express an interest in one of the 4 SIP Targets and they will attend meetings to focus on that topic if and when needed.

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