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We all want learners to get the most from their education and we all know that exam time is one of the most critical periods in shaping a young learner’s future choices. While SQA can’t guarantee exam success, we remain committed to helping candidates achieve their potential.

As part of that commitment, we are delighted to announce the addition of the SQA My Study Plan app to our growing family of free study aids.  Currently available for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, SQA My Study Plan allows students to add subjects, prioritise how much time they want to spend on each and indicate their preferred periods of study. The service will then build a customised study plan, which can be viewed, modified and printed out.

SQA My Study Plan is a quick and easy tool for students to set up, and by simply providing a little information it will help them think about their studying strategy and plan for upcoming exams. The app also integrates with our previously launched SQA My Exams app, allowing
students to import existing exam information.

Find out more about SQA My Study Plan on the iTunes website:


No Apple device? No problem!

We appreciate that not all students are able to make use of the SQA My Study Plan app, so we would like to take this opportunity to highlight our Personal Timetable Builder, which is available for all devices with web browser or Java capability.

The Personal Timetable Builder allows students to search for their exams online using our central database and create a personal timetable with details of dates, times and which paper is being presented.

The Personal Timetable Builder can be accessed online at:


We would encourage all schools and centres to support their students in creating detailed and realistic study plans for their upcoming exams.


The SQA Web Team

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