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Inverkip Power Station Being Knocked Down
Inverkip Power Station is due to be knocked down. The power station was built several years ago to provide power to the village of Inverkip in the west coast of Scotland. It was only used once in a testing situation, and will now be knocked down to make room for over seven hundred houses. Various interviews were carried out to find out people’s opinion on this matter. We asked many people in our community questions to see what they thought about various aspects of this story.
First of all we asked what people thought about the fact that the power station was only used once. We got many different responses. Some people thought that this was shocking that they did not know that before and that it was a waste of resources. Other people said that they can’t believe that we have endangered certain aspects of the environment without any good reason. Then others made the point that it is not fair to just use it once and not any more. Then the argument was made that it was a disgrace that this actually happened that it was never used any more than that and a lot of people said that it was a real eyesore that has been added to our community. Another matter that was brought up was that it must have been an awful waste of money and another big mistake by our government. Other members of our community said that they thought that the money that was spent or rather wasted on the station could have been used towards future employment to help bring other people to our community and to help unemployment in Scotland.
The power station is being demolished to make way for new houses. Certain people had a lot of different thoughts on this from different perspectives. Some people had said that since there are already houses in Inverkip that are uninhabited there is no point in building more because they will not make any money for us or bring anyone to Inverkip. Then it has been said that the money should be used to create jobs in the area to bring people to Inverkip and then we should build houses to accommodate those people. Then it has been said that Inverkip needs a place for kids to go to keep them off of the street and give them something more fun to do also we have a need for facilities and roads too. Also we have found out that if new houses were to be built the impact on the community would be disastrous because the existing schools in the area could not cope with the amount of new pupils that would be forced to join.
By Kirsty, Emillie and Megan

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