Happy to Chat - Talking with your Children

How do I talk about…?
           What should I be saying…?
                       How do I answer that...?
                                    Puzzled about what to say…?

Increase your confidence to chat with your children about relationships, growing up and sexual health

A collection of books that parents can easily access is now available in 3 community libraries (Greenock, Gourock and Port Glasgow). The books are age appropriate for children from pre school age through to teenagers. Parents are encouraged to sit and read with their children; not only to ensure they understand the content but to open up the communication channels and give the message that talking around this sensitive topic is normal and natural. Starting this at an early age ensures that children and young people feel happy to chat as they mature and grow older.

Group work sessions for parents will also shortly be available to further build confidence and knowledge. If you are interested in finding out more about these you can contact the Health Improvement Team on 01475 506001.

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