Inverclyde Academy welcomes the involvement and support of parents.

The school regularly seeks the opinions of the parents through individual and group discussions, parental questionnaires and specific parental information evenings. Parents can certainly help support the school by emphasizing the importance of completing the homework set, good attendance, good time-keeping and the wearing of appropriate school dress.

We ask all of our parents to contact the school if their son/daughter is not going to be at school, whether due to illness or for a family reason.


The dates of birth for eligibility for the coming session are:

 1 March 1998 – 28 February 2002

(if a young person is 16 years of age of over before 30 September 2017 – they may be eligible from August 2017)

If 16 between 1 October 2017 and 28 February 2018 – they may be eligible from January 2018)

The household income levels remain unchanged from those outlined by the Scottish Government from January of this year:

Household income less than £24,421 (if 1 dependent child in the household)

Household income less than £26,884 (if more than one dependent child in the household)

As with previous years, young people will receive an application form and information leaflet to their home address (the address which is currently held on SEEMIS). Parents/carers will also receive, under separate cover, an information leaflet.

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